Appendix Carry Holster Training Glock 19

Appendix Carry Holster Training Glock 19

Many self defense situations take place with arms reach. So, I try to practice defending, drawing and shooting within the "arms reach" zone.

The Century Fitness BOB, freestanding body opponent bag training dummy makes a great training tool. It gives a realistic feel and size for practicing striking and shooting.

I’m also using a gas blow back training Glock 19 airsoft gun similar to the KWA ATP GBB airsoft pistol (adaptive training pistol). The KWA ATP gas blow back training pistol also fits most Glock 19 holsters.

The shirt i'm wearing is a Condor Performance Tactical Polo and the glasses are Gargoyles Vortex with Clear lenses. Being comfortable helps training and concealed carry. The Condor shirts are very comfortable.

The holster i'm using is the Combat Appendix Carry Holster by TactiPac.

Please DO NOT attempt to shoot from retention or practice shooting from retention without first obtaining professional firearm's training.

As always, thank- you for making the choice to defend yourself and those you love. God bless you and yours. - Anthony Battaglia