TactiPac Classic F.A.Q.s

What do I do if I do not see my gun make and model listed in the order form drop down menu for the TactiPac Classic Holster?

The gun make and model is just a size reference for proper fit. If you do not see your make and model currently listed, you can either choose a gun similar in size or you can email us at sales@tactipac.com if you are unsure. If your gun is unique in size or shape we can send you a special order invoice for your order.

Why does it take 10 to 14 business days to complete the handling process on the TactiPac Classic Deep Concealed Carry Holster?

The TactiPac Classic Deep Concealed Carry Holster is a 5 piece, custom made, hand-cut, hand sewn deep concealed carry holster and simply put, this takes time. The 10 to 14 business day handling time allows us to carefully, accurately and completely process your order correctly the first time. The 10 to 14 business day handling time also takes into consideration that we are processing many multiple orders at the same time.

How do I measure or specify my waist size for my TactiPac Holster order?

Please measure your waist size in inches around the natural hip line of your body. You do not need to be exactly accurate. The waist belt has about 60 inches of total adjustment that can be trimmed to final fit if necessary.

Is there “adjustability” or “room to grow” in the waist belt of the TactiPac Classic Holster?

The TactiPac Concealed Carry Holster belt is made with 60” of nylon webbing. You can adjust the belt to your size while leaving room for future adjustment if necessary. Once the belt is adjusted for a proper fit, if you feel there is too much excess webbing left over, you can trim and melt the end to suit your individual preference and size. It is helpful to fold the trimmed and melted end over about ½ inch twice and secure with a stitch of thread or some super glue to prevent the end from allowing the male end of the cam-lock buckle to be removed from the belt.

Is the TactiPac Classic Deep Concealed Carry Holster comfortable standing up as well as sitting down?

The TactiPac Classic Holster is designed to be worn most effectively inside the front of the pants approximated 4 to 5 inches below the navel at the top edge of the holster. Also, it may help, especially for men to “off-center” the  firearm to one side of the body or other. When worn in these positions the TactiPac is both comfortable sitting and standing. Although, it is possible to achieve concealment in positions other than specified, we do not suggest it or advise it and cannot guarantee the comfort, use or safety of use in unspecified positions.

Is it possible and practical to use the rest room while wearing the TactiPac Deep Concealed Carry Holster?

The TactiPac Holster is designed to be worn in almost any clothing and in almost every possible situation necessary. Using the restroom is no exception. Gentlemen will find that while standing to use the restroom it is necessary to adjust or move the holster in most cases. One adjustment can be made by shifting the entire holster to the left or the right to allow access for urination.

Another adjustment that is effective is adjusting the holster downward allowing access over the top of the holster.

However, we have found the very best solution for standing or sitting using the restroom to be as follows (obviously the use of a closed private stall is necessary) For ladies and gentlemen using the restroom while in the seated (or standing for men) position we have found the best solution is to adjust the TactiPac upwards on the torso temporarily without removing it from your body. This is accomplished by holding the TactiPac in middle of the holster portion (while fastened) with one hand on the holster and firearm (keeping the gun fully holstered). The other hand can be used to slightly adjust for slack in the belt of the holster. With both hands in position as described and enough slack in the belt (but not too much) adjust the holster by pulling outward from your body slightly with both hands (this movement is just like stretching the waist band on a pair of pants). This will allow you to move the TactiPac Holster holster upward several inches to get it out of the way of your groin area and secure around your torso as high as comfortably possible. With the TactiPac holster in the raised position you are free to use the rest room in the seated position and still have access to your firearm.

When you are finished using the rest room return the concealed carry holster to its normal position by reversing the relocation process described.

Is it difficult to adjust the holster properly for size each day when putting the TactiPac on?

The TactiPac Classic Deep Concealed Carry Holster is designed to be simple to use and wear. Once put on and adjusted to your optimal size for the position you desire, we have found that it is very convenient to simply leave the belt adjusted to size and use the cam-lock belt buckle to put on and take off the holster daily. Please note: Do not attempt to put your holster on or take your holster off with your gun in the holster. Doing this may result in an unplanned un-holstering or dropping of your firearm, accidental discharge or damage to the firearm.

Is the TactiPac Concealed Carry Holster “hot” to wear or “warmer” than other deep concealed carry holsters on the market?

The TactiPac Deep Concealed Carry Holster is made with the most advanced holster materials available today. The material’s design is to be durable, light and waterproof. However, you will still feel heat transfer especially in warmer climates. This is just a fact of having any non-porous material snug to the skin for any reasonable length