FusionPac IWB Holster F.A.Q.s

What do I do if I do not see my gun make and model listed in the order form drop down menu for the FusionPac IWB Holster?

We are constantly receiving new gun molds for the FusionPac IWB Holster. If you do not see your make and model currently listed, please email us at sales@tactipac.com . Your gun may be already available or available through our special order process.

How do I measure or specify my waist size for my FusionPac IWB Holster order?

Please measure your waist size in inches around the natural waist line of your pants or other clothing. You may also refer to your pants waist size, although not all pants manufacturers measure the waist line in the same manner.

Is there “adjustability”, “stretch” or “room to grow” in the waist belt of the FusionPac IWB Holster?

The FusionPac IWB Holster belt is made with a minimum of 10″ of heavy duty hook and loop fastener overlap as well as approximately 4″ of stretch in the elastic portions of the belt. If you are planning on or in the process of becoming smaller in the waist line we suggest ordering the waist size that you plan to achieve. This way you will “shrink” into a perfect fit holster.

Is the FusionPac IWB comfortable standing up as well as sitting down?

The FusionPac IWB is designed to be worn most effectively inside the waistband from approximately the 3 o’clock position on the waist line all the way to the 5 o’clock position on the waist line (opposite clock positions if you are left handed draw). When worn in these positions the FusionPac is both comfortable sitting and standing. Although, it is possible to achieve concealment in positions other than specified, we do not suggest it or advise it and cannot guarantee the comfort, use or safety of use in unspecified positions.

Is it possible and practical to use the rest room while wearing the FusionPac IWB concealed carry holster?

The FusionPac IWB is designed to be worn in almost any clothing and in almost every possible situation necessary. Using the restroom is no exception. Gentlemen will find that while standing to use the restroom it is not necessary to adjust or move the FusionPac IWB at all in most cases. For ladies and gentlemen using the restroom while in the seated position we have found the best solution is to adjust the FusionPac upwards on the torso temporarily without removing it from your body. This is accomplished by holding the belt of the FusionPac IWB in the middle of the velcro portion (while fastened) with one hand and with the other hand holding your firearm and kydex portion of the FusionPac IWB (keeping the gun full holstered). With both hands in position as described engage the elastic portion of the FusionPac belt by pulling outward from your body slightly with both hands (this movement is just like stretching and elastic waist band on a pair of athletic pants). This will allow you to move the FusionPac IWB holster upward several inches to get it out of the way of your waist line and secure around your torso as high as comfortably possible. With the FusionPac IWB holster in the raised position you are free to use the rest room in the seated position and still have access to your fire arm. When you are finished using the rest room return the FusionPac Holster to its normal position by reversing the relocation process described.

Is it difficult to adjust the holster properly for size each day when putting the FusionPac on?

The FusionPac IWB Holster is designed to be simple to use and wear. Once put on and adjusted to your optimal waist size for the position you desire, we have found that it is very convenient to just “step in” and “step out” of the holster without unfastening the hook and loop portion of the belt. This is accomplished simply by engaging the elastic portions of the belt while putting on the holster and removing the holster. Please note: Do not attempt to put your holster on or take your holster off with your gun in the holster.

Are the kydex / ABS plastic portions of the FusionPac IWB Holster interchangeable between different makes and model guns?

Currently, we custom, hand make all of our FusionPac IWB Holsters. While we use precision tools in the manufacture of every FusionPac we do not use forms, dies or jigs for the cutting or drilling of the kydex shells. Due to the different sizes and shapes of the many makes and models of hand guns on the market today it is very difficult and expensive to produce a kydex shell scheme that is “interchangeable” and “universal”. In short, our kydex shells are not interchangeable between gun makes and models.

Is the FusionPac IWB Concealed Carry Holster “hot” to wear or “warmer” than other IWB holsters on the market?

The FusionPac IWB Holster is made with the most advanced holster materials available today. The portion of the holster that makes contact with the skin the most is the “backplate”. The backplate is a combination of materials that is covered on the skin side with a cotton blend moisture wicking plush fabric. Although the FusionPac material is much cooler than leather and other nonporous man made materials on the market it is virtually impossible to eliminate heat transfer altogether. In short, your FusionPac IWB will be cooler than other inferior products on the market, but you will still feel heat build up especially in warmer climates. This is just a fact of having any material snug to the skin.