Our Warranty


Warranty - What else about a product says as much about how highly a manufacturer stands behind and values their work? It’s a mark of integrity, an assurance that the people who built it believe in it enough to stand behind it. Lawyers, lawsuits, legalese and fine print have no place in a warranty. We feel our warranty both stands alone and speaks for itself.

“The Tactical Solution you have just purchased has the simplest, most plainly written warranty you will ever read. There is no fine print. There are no exceptions. This TactiPac Product has been manufactured in America with painstaking care and precision by experts in their field and if anything goes wrong, gets broken, cracked, tweaked or otherwise, simply contact us and we will work to make it right.

We stand behind our products and we take care of our customers. That is our guarantee and your assurance.”

This warranty applies to custom or standard products across the board. 

Trial Period & Returns Policy

Product Returns are only offered under this “trial period” return policy. NO OTHER product returns will be accepted. Please make sure you want the item(s) you are purchasing through our website before checking out.

We offer a 14 day trial period on all holsters WITH THE EXCEPTION OF CUSTOM APPROVED WORK HOLSTERS. Once we customize the holster with approved changes, there is no longer a trial period available.

On all of our standard run holsters, the buyer may return the holster under the trial period within 14 days for a full refund under the following conditions.

Our trial period return policy is based on a legitimate trial of our holster(s). The original consumer must actually test out the custom concealed carry holster by wearing it for at least seven days and the recommended eight hours a day. All trial period returns must receive authorization via email or via our website contact system. Non-trial period returns will not be accepted for any reason. Buyer mistakes or placing the wrong order will not be eligible for returns. However, mistakes or incorrect orders will be eligible for a change of order under our “order change policy”. Once a legitimate trial period return is determined and authorized the buyer must return the holster in normal, new condition. Once the holster is received in good condition (please see the note following on holster return condition exceptions) we will issue a refund for the full purchase price of the holster. The buyer is responsible for return shipping charges.

Order Cancellations

Due to the custom nature of our business and the long manufacturing process for each custom piece we do not process order cancellations. Please be sure that you want the item before pressing "buy it now". 

We will change your order or give you credit toward another item provided we are not in the final stages of processing your original purchase.