MAX Single Magazine Holster

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Draw Hand *

The MAX Magazine Holster is designed to be used for concealed carry of your extra magazines as a compliment to our Max IWB concealed carry holster.

PLEASE NOTE: Draw Hand refers to the hand that you use to draw your weapon. The magazine holder for Right handed shooters will be left hand oriented to be accessed by the left hand. The magazine holder for Left handed shooters will be right hand oriented to be accessed by the right hand.

The MAX Magazine Holster is made of the same durable, comfortable, light weight construction as our Max and Max X IWB Concealed Carry Holsters.

So, you can expect superior performance and comfort that you can rely on for concealing and deploying your extra magazines when needed.

The MAX Magazine holster features the concealment, comfort and versatility you need to carry concealed all day, everyday.

  • Maximum Concealment
  • Maximum Retention
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Maximum Versatility
  • Maximum Adjustability

CUSTOMIZABLE: This mag holder can be further customized with our "Approved Custom Work" option menu. 

If you WANT a KRYPTEK, MULTICAM, HEXCAM or other CUSTOM CAMO PATTERN or any other options not listed please email us at to see if your option is available. If your option is available we will tell you which drop down selection to make. 

If you do not need further customization then just choose "none" from the "Approved Custom Work" menu.

PLEASE NOTE: The Grip Hook belt clip is for a 1.5" width belt.