EDGE Concealed Carry Gun Belt

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Get the EDGE you NEED for comfortable all day carry.

Proudly Made In AMERICA.

The EDGE 1.5" (one and a half inch width) concealed carry gun belt is designed to be used for as a low profile, light weight and yet ultra durable gun belt for concealed carry of your firearm and any other EDC items that might require support.




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The EDGE concealed carry gun belt was designed for extreme comfort and maximum tactical function. The no buckle design makes it lightweight, simple and easy to adjust, and always the perfect size fit to your body.

The EDGE belt is made with the same durable, comfortable, and light weight construction that you have come to know and love in our concealed carry holsters and extra magazine holders.

So, you can expect superior performance and comfort that you can rely on for concealing and deploying your EDC gear when needed.

The EDGE belt features the concealment, comfort and versatility you need to carry your EDC items all day, everyday.

  • Extremely Low Profile
  • Super Light Weight
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Complete Versatility
  • Superior Adjust-ability
  • Hidden Pocket Function
  • Ideal For Every Day Carry


PLEASE NOTE: The EDGE belt is a 1.5" width belt.

Extremely Low Profile - The EDGE was designed to be as low profile as possible without relying on a buckle. Buckles are heavy, can catch on things, malfunction and create unwanted bulk when concealing inside the waistband.

Super Light Weight - If you have ever experienced hip fatigue from lugging around your EDC gear all day that is just too heavy, you will appreciate the light weight construction of the EDGE belt. We have reduced belt weight to the bare minimum while still keep maximum edge strength and overall durability.

Maximum Comfort - Designed to be your go to everyday carry belt. We designed this belt for extreme comfort. No buckle, no hard points, but flexible and made with the highest rated nylon webbing and materials so it is able to withstand whatever you need it to. It will also keep your pants up while carrying and supporting all of your EDC gear.

Complete Versatility - The EDGE was designed for versatility. Sizing and function make the EDGE belt one of the most versatile gun belts on the market.

Superior Adjust-ability - The EDGE velcro adjustable closure system allows for infinite increments of adjustment to achieve the perfect size day to day or even hour to hour (for those big lunches!).

Hidden Pocket Function - Store cash, keys, coins or other small EDC items at the end of the belt. Storing a stack of coins puts weight at the end of the belt allowing the EDGE belt to become an improvised weapon if the need arises.

Ideal For Everyday Carry - The EDGE was created with the concerned, armed citizen, Law Enforcement Officer and Military Personnel in mind. The last thing you want is another piece of heavy, bulky gear. The EDGE is ideal for every day carry because it is light weight, flexible, durable, versatile and comfortable

EDGE Belt Sizing Information:

SMALL: 26”-30”
MEDIUM: 30”-34”
LARGE: 34”-38”
EXTRA LARGE: 38”- 42”

As a general rule, a belt length used for IWB carry will need to be 1″ to 6″ greater than your pants waist size, depending on what you intend to carry. A belt 7″- 8″ greater in total length than pants waist size may be correct if you intend to carry multiple items such as a mag holder, a knife and a holster together. The best way to determine your sizing is to measure a belt you currently own.

Small – 40”
Medium – 44”
Large - 48”
Extra Large – 51”