8" AR500 Steel Shooting Target Gong 3/8" thickness

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8" AR500 Steel Shooting Target Gong 3/8" Thickness



PLEASE NOTE: You are buying an unpainted, raw AR500 steel 8” wide diameter 3/8” thick bullseye shooting target. 

PLEASE SEE THE PRODUCT PHOTOS FOR DETAILS. Our product photos represent what the product may look like in the worst case. Please understand you are buying a piece of steel to shoot at and not to hang on the wall. Our AR500 steel will possibly have mill scale, rust or fabrication scratches. Our AR500 steel targets will not have pitting or any other defect that will affect proper surface contact and deflection.

The 3/8” thickness AR500 Steel is useful for the widest range of target applications and can be used with every pistol caliber as well as most rifle calibers.

Applicable Pistol Calibers: 22,25,32,380,9mm,357,40,44,45,454,50

Applicable Rifle Calibers: 22,17HMR,22-250,223,7.62x39,243,260,30-06 (<3000fps / see note below)

Applicable Shotgun Ammo: 410,20,16


DO NOT shoot at steel targets any closer than 10 yards with pistols and 50 yards if you are shooting a rifle.

DO NOT shoot steel targets with steel core ammunition or steel shot of any kind. It is dangerous, unpredictable and can result in serious injury or death.

DO NOT shoot ammo that upon the point of impact with the target is traveling at 3000 feet per second or greater. Please check ballistic information and muzzle velocity for your ammunition and firearm before attempting to shoot at any steel target.

PLEASE REMEMBER to wear the appropriate hearing and eye protection when shooting your firearms at steel targets.

  • The 8" AR500 gong rings loudly and instantaneously provides valuable auditory shot feedback.
  • You will be amazed at the challenging shooting reactivity provided by this steel shooting target.
  • You will find that bullets deflect off the target to the ground and you will never have to patch holes like when you shoot paper targets. Steel is simply more fun to shoot and more rewarding to listen to also.
  • You will notice that these targets are made with superior CNC Laser Cutting Quality. The shooting target is CNC laser cut for a superior shape and design.
  • CNC laser cutting also serves to maintain the original metal integrity resulting in a longer lasting steel shooting target.
  • Since this target is reversible it gives you double the life of the shooting target.
  • Gong steel shooting targets ship WITHOUT hardware or hanging chain (an additional chain and bolt mounting kit needs to be purchased)
  • TactiPac Steel Shooting Targets ship to you UNPAINTED AND IN RAW STEEL FORM. This allows us to give you the most affordable prices and the fastest shipping times in the industry.


Please read why we use CNC Laser Cut AR500 Steel in our shooting targets.

AR500 steel is an abrasion resistant steel applicable for high wear applications. AR500 is really only second in hardness to armored plating you would see in military or security force applications. AR500 steel also makes great shooting grade targets for pistols and rifles.  TactiPac has chosen the 3/8" AR500 thickness because of its' wide range of application and affordable price points. AR500 steel is very different than the typical steel you may be familiar with or have seen in various hardware applications. AR500 steel has been heat treated to bring the hardness up to 500BHN.

Cutting steel is a thermal process that obviously generates heat.  Extreme heat can affect the material integrity of steel. The ideal process for cutting AR500 steel targets is the process that generates the least heat and thereby preserves the physical integrity and hardness of the steel. Laser cutting is that process and uses a concentrated beam of energy to cut through the steel plate. Laser cutting produces very little heat while generating a vary precise cut.

Other methods of cutting are not as precise and affect the integrity of the steel because of the intense heat being generated during the cutting process. 

TactiPac tactical solutions steel targets are CNC Laser Cut to provide you with a high quality, high integrity and more affordable AR500 steel shooting target.