How To Part One: Choosing a handgun for concealed carry.

Choosing a Defensive Handgun Professional's Guide

At the end of the day you are going to choose and purchase the gun you want and can afford. Hopefully, you will make that choice based on sound, defensive handgun rationale. However, you may end up changing guns many times like so many people do.

The goal of this series of blog posts is to arm you with sound, defensive handgun information. Information that will help you properly evaluate your life situation, preferences and opinions when choosing the gun you may need to employ to save your life or the life of someone you love.

1. Choosing the type of handgun for concealed self-defense.

Type is assessed by one factor, reliability. The number one thing you need to look for in a handgun for concealed self-defense is its ability to go bang when you need it to (and not to go bang when you do not need it to). This is called reliability. Your life and other’s lives may depend on whether the gun you choose to carry functions properly at all times. Reliability means the gun has a proven track record of safe performance in all aspects. However, reliability also means that in a h

igh stress, critical defense situation you will be able to practically operate that gun safely, quickly and efficiently to end the threat as soon as possible. A gun can have a great performance record in target shooting sports or even in law enforcement or military applications, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a reliable gun for you.

If the gun requires the use of fine motor skills to operate it chances are it won’t be the most reliable gun for you from an efficiency and speed standpoint.

You need a gun that will work and keep working when you need it to.

In my opinion Semi Automatic Striker Fired pistols and Double Action Revolvers should be first on your “possible gun to own” list. These two pistol types offer the highest reliability factor when it comes to mechanical operation and operator ability.

Now, if I have to choose between the Semi Auto Striker Fired pistol and the Double Action Revolver I am going to go with the Semi Auto for several reasons.

In comparison to the revolver semi autos in most cases are lighter to carry, easier to operate and more simple in design. Typically, semi automatic striker fired guns have a higher round capacity and they are easier to reload if necessary.

Lastly, the semi automatic in is more comfortable to carry in most cases. Semi automatic pistols are usually more streamlined and have less surface bumps.

Surface bumps like cylinders and hammers on revolvers tend to stab and poke you throughout the day as you carry concealed.

So, in short because of simplicity of design and user friendliness from a gross motor skills standpoint, I would recommend choosing a Semi Automatic Striker Fired Handgun over any other type of handgun available today.

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